Italian Beef

This Italian Beef is the perfect dinner for a cold winter night.  The Italian spices cooked in with the beef roast will make your house smell amazing!  The fact that you can make this in the slow cooker while you are gone all day will make this one of your favorite meals!

Every time I make this recipe, it transcends me to Junior High and High School.  This recipe actually came from a fundraiser dinner that my youth group at church would do every winter.  It was called “A Little Bit of Italy”.  We served lasagna, tagliarini (hey, it’s as Italian as it gets here in SoILL) and this Italian Beef.  The sponsors would cook the food with help from parents and the kids would wait the tables. It was always a well attended fundraiser in our community.  People from other churches would even come.  I’m pretty sure this Italian beef was one of the reasons.  Ahhhh, sweet memories!

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Chocolate Gravy and Biscuits

Happy New Year!!!  I can’t believe it’s 2018!  The holidays were so busy for my family that I didn’t get to share our Christmas favorites with you, but I will be making that up to you with this recipe! What could be better than a warm, buttery biscuit?  A warm, buttery biscuit dripping with chocolate gravy!

I know when you think of biscuits and gravy you automatically think of the white cream gravy with sausage served for breakfast.  This chocolate gravy with biscuits will change the way you think of biscuits and gravy forever……promise!

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