Cheesy Chicken Vegetable Soup

Here in Southern Illinois we went from Summer to Winter weather all within a week.  I am afraid we are skipping Fall altogether this year.  We have had a lot of soccer and football games in the cold, damp weather and that has left me craving soup.  We have already had soup twice in one week!

I hadn’t made Cheesy Chicken Vegetable Soup in a couple of years, but I won’t make that mistake again!  I forgot how good it is!  This soup is one of those recipes that feels like a guilty pleasure because of the cheese, but is actually not too bad for you.

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Snickers Apple Salad

Fall has finally arrived here in Southern Illinois!  Last week it felt like Summer might go on forever!  With cooler temperatures finally showing up, I have a feeling the apple orchards and pumpkin patches will be packed.

One of my favorite fall treats is a caramel apple.  This Snickers Apple Salad reminds me of a caramel apple, only better!  You get the flavors of apple, caramel and nuts, but you also get the creaminess of the cool whip and cream cheese mixture along with chocolate!

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Honey Nut Snack Mix

The calendar is telling me it is fall, even if it doesn’t feel like it outside.  It might still be hot out, but my internal clock is ready to switch over to fall.  What better way than to start in the kitchen.  This Honey Nut Snack Mix always reminds me of fall!

I love how all of the flavors and textures in the snack mix come together.  The crunchiness of the cereal and nuts are perfect with the chewy cranberries and softened oats.

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