The NFL Draft

About this time last year when the NFL announced that Nashville would be hosting the 2019 Draft, my husband sent me a text and said he wanted to go.  This is one of his bucket list items, so when the draft was going to be three hours from where we live, it was a no-brainer.  I started looking into where it would be held and booked a room a year in advance.

Day 1

Finally, after a year of waiting, the NFL Draft came to Nashville, Tennessee!  With having two active kids it ended up that we had to split up and were only able to be at the draft as a family for the second day.  Tom and Callahan took off at noon on Thursday and headed down so they could be there for the first night of the draft, which is obviously the biggest.  I was tuned in at home watching the TV when I started getting texts that said “We hit the jackpot”  and then another one followed about 30 minutes later that said “Turn on ESPN”.  After waiting to hear what the jackpot was, I finally received these pictures.

It turns out that with the impending rain that they had decided to go over to the Symphony Hall and see if they could get a seat in there.  That is where all the teams were set up and their picks were called into.  The line was pretty long to get through security maybe because the hall was full.  They really didn’t know what the reason was exactly.  After waiting about 30 minutes an official person came out to talk to them and said that they were keeping an eye on the weather and they might be back to get them.  At this point, they really had no clue what they were talking about.  Another 30 minutes went by and they announced that they were going to take a group of fans down in front of where the general public viewing barricades were.  They had to go through some security and got wrist bands that allowed them access to this particular area.  That is where they watched the first 30 picks or so from.

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Just getting started

So this is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time and have been in the process of for several months.  I am sitting at my computer one day and was clicking around on some of my favorite blogs and thought….I have a lot to share, I should start one of these.  That lead me to Pinterest and many, many pins later, I decided that I could start my own blog!

I’ve shared this idea with my friends and they all kind of look at me like I’m crazy.  I even told one of them that this is like my early mid-life crisis.  Once they get over the shock, they all ask me what I’m going to blog about, but before I can answer, they all say…….recipes and travel?  They know me pretty well.  I have no plans of giving up my day job, but I guess I feel like I need a creative outlet, and something that is just mine.

I hope that you come back and visit this blog as I hone my blog development, writing and photography skills as I bring you new recipes, places to visit and I’ll even throw a little sports in every once in a while.

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