Just getting started

So this is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time and have been in the process of for several months.  I am sitting at my computer one day and was clicking around on some of my favorite blogs and thought….I have a lot to share, I should start one of these.  That lead me to Pinterest and many, many pins later, I decided that I could start my own blog!

I’ve shared this idea with my friends and they all kind of look at me like I’m crazy.  I even told one of them that this is like my early mid-life crisis.  Once they get over the shock, they all ask me what I’m going to blog about, but before I can answer, they all say…….recipes and travel?  They know me pretty well.  I have no plans of giving up my day job, but I guess I feel like I need a creative outlet, and something that is just mine.

I hope that you come back and visit this blog as I hone my blog development, writing and photography skills as I bring you new recipes, places to visit and I’ll even throw a little sports in every once in a while.

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